Capture and build on the ideas of thousands.

Co-build the ideas of tomorrow, today.

Create true collective intelligence.

quotation2   Assembl is a web application that empowers hundreds or even thousands of people to discuss together productively. Not just individual comments. Not just a social network. Not simply sharing existing knowledge.

Assembl enables real co-production of fresh insights and new ideas.   quotation2


Assembl is open source! Check out our code on GitHub.

Assembl can be used in many different settings.

Learn how Assembl can help you harness the ideas of your particular community:

Benefit your business

You know you have talented employees. But how can you harness their skills and abilities in the most productive and creative way? Without Assembl, the larger the group of people, the more difficult it is to have a wide-ranging but efficient discussion. Give your employees an outlet for creative ideas and watch as employee morale improves, and your company’s innovation capacity too!

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Revolutionize education

Discuss educational reform, get the input of all students, transform group projects, facilitate interdisciplinary research, enable cross-campus collaboration and more for a whole new course production process with the contributions of students and experts.

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Update government

Imagine the power of democracy if there were a way to productively include all citizens in the debate. The idea of participative democracy takes on a whole new meaning. With Assembl, tap into the ideas of your constituents to create better policy platforms, to better formulate proposed bills and more. After all, who better to propose relevant solutions than those living with the problem?

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Transform community groups and events

Informal networks, activist groups, Conferences, NGOs, and international organizations can all use Assembl and its methodology to mobilize members and reach consensus; generate pre- or post-event participant contributions; create policy recommendations, white papers and more.

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quotation2   Software like Assembl makes group thinking feasible and affordable, and considerably more efficient than any online forum or Facebook group   quotation2

Don Tapscott, author of Macrowikinomics, Huffington Post, January 31, 2014

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